How I Take Care Of Blonde Hair

Blondes have more fun! They also have more breakage. I happen to be naturally blonde but I do lighten the color. This is a list of my favorite hair care tips and products I use on the regular. These might not work for everyone but they defiantly work for me.

  • Try not to blow dry your hair! I’ll be honest that I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week depending on the week. If possible I like to wash my hair at night and let it air dry. When my hair is wet I put leave in conditioner on it before I brush it out. I really like Its a 10 Leave-in treatment, UNITE 7 Seconds Detangler Leave-in spray, and Redken Extreme Anti Snap Treatment. If I do need to blow dry my hair I like to use a heat protectant spray, such as Kenra Blow-Dry Spray it smells unbelievable. IMG_E1536 (1)I also dry my hair in increments. For examples: I will dry it for 5 minutes, wait 5 minutes to let my cool, then dry another 5 minutes, etc. Click here to see the blow dryer I use.
  • Lets talk purple shampoo! I prefer my hair to be more on the cool side. Not everyone likes that, but thats what I prefer. The purple color works as a toner to get rid of that “yellow” color a lot of blondes have. So in-between my hair appointments I use a purple shampoo to keep my color looking fresh. You can use it as much or as little as you like. Be careful with the purple shampoo though, because if you do it too much or leave it on too long your hair can start to look a little on the grey side. I do once a week because I don’t need to do it more than that. Certain shampoos are also more powerful than others depending on the brand. My very favorite is UNITE Blonda Shampoo it smells like grapes! I lather my hair and then let it sit for a few minutes before I rinse it out. They have toning conditioners also but I prefer to just do the shampoo.
  • Deep condition! I deep condition my hair about once a week also! I usually tone and deep condition on the same day so it’s easy to remember. More often than not I just do this in the shower so I don’t have to get back in. But every now and then I will put a mask on my hair and watch a movie or read while it sits. I have a few favorite deep conditioners and masks, so here is a list: Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask, TRESemme Expert Selection Instant Recovery Mask, and Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave In Treatment.
  • Using hairstyling tools is basically a necessity to make my hair look presentable. So whenever I use them I always make sure to use a good heat protectant spray. They have so many options out there. If you have the type of hair that has a hard time holding a curl you can use a spray that has a hold element to it. I wouldn’t recommend using hairspray before you curl because it will build up on your flat iron or curling wand. Redken Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist, or Big Sexy Hair 450 Heat Defense Setting Spray. Basically the rule of thumb is that if the product says “setting spray” it will have a hold element, and if it just says “protectant” then it most likely doesn’t have hold. I also think that getting really good quality hairstyling tools makes a big difference! I use GHD Gold Professional 1′ Styler, and NuMe Classic Curling Wand. Yes, good quality styling tools can be pretty pricey but if you take care of them they will last for a very long time. I’ve had my hair straightener for at least 5 years and it still works perfect.
  • Use a good brush! Im very picky when it comes to brushes! When I sleep my hair gets crazy, who else can relate? Im definitely not one of those girls that can use yesterdays curls. My hair gets tangled very easily and I can’t stand when I brush out tangles and the brush just rips my hair out. So I always use a boar bristle brush because the bristles are more flexible. Instead of ripping your hair out it will softly pull out the knot. I love the Termix Professional Extensions Brush! I know that this is technically an extension brush but its just so much more gentle on the hair. I personally prefer brushes that don’t have that plastic ball at the end of the bristle. Maybe I have an extra soft head but they tend to yank on my hair.

Im sure that you’ve heard of these tips before but this is what I do! Having blonde hair can be a lot of work, but if you make it part of your routine its not so bad. I hope that some of these tips help you get your blonde hair looking gorgeous! I would love to hear what your favorite hair products are! Im always looking to try new stuff. Comment your favorites for me!

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Hi there! My name is Claire Brown. I'm 27 years old and I'm from a small city in Idaho. I've been married to amazing man for 3 years now. I'm a new mommy to the most beautiful, sweet, happy baby boy in the whole world. Im loving my new role as a stay at home. Im writing this blog for myself, as an outlet for creativity, and as a connection to the rest of the world! Hope you guys enjoy!

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